Strategic Consultancy

A Strategy is a long term plan of action designed to meet a particular goal” – or so says Wikipedia. The point of defining the word at this stage is to distinguish from the word “Tactics” which is more about immediate tasks that when aggregated support or deliver the overall Strategy. Words in the English language are notoriously ambiguous and for the purposes of describing services offered by Atradia we see the distinction being that Strategy is about large, often all encompassing choices that work towards medium and probably longer term objectives.

Atradia does not position itself as a mainstream Strategic Management Consultancy offering an all encompassing set of corporate strategy services. However, Atradia does aim to provide services that support and assist the overall Strategy of our clients. There are many ways that Atradia can assist in our clients’ strategic choices:

Market Segmentation and Targeting

Atradia can help our clients identify and describe the broad segmentation and in some cases sub segmentation of their perceived markets. This is an arguably essential prerequisite for any organization operating with finite resources, because organizations have to make choices, they have to decide where is the best place to apply their finite resources. Understanding the size and shape of their market and the dynamics of competition and such things as macro economic forces is crucial to optimal strategic decision making.

Competition, Cooperation and Cooperatition

John Donne said “No man is an Island” his point being that we are all interconnected. We can extend this concept and say that no organization is an Island, in that organizations are interconnected through the market. Understanding the nature of competitive and complementary forces is a critical component of success and the perquisite for attaining competitive advantage. However, in the modern markets we operate in competition is only one dimension to interaction, that complementary dimension is provided through the effective use of partnerships, associations, joint-ventures and other such cooperative arrangements. Atradia can provide advice, support and assistance in identifying partners and helping our clients leverage potential synergies. At the same time Atradia can provide detailed and incisive analysis of your competition thereby guiding and informing your broader strategic choices. In this day and age we can also help navigate the somewhat confusing world of cooperatition where in some cases you compete with an entity but in another instance it makes perfect sense to cooperate.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments

We operate in an ever changing world, a world of expansion and contraction. Atradia can provide advice, data and support as your organization makes key strategic decisions about buying up corporate assets and or divesting elements of your own organization. Atradia does not profess to be an M&A specialist but we know several contacts that are – while we don’t have an extensive appreciation of EBITDA and EBIT we know people who do.

Strategic Consultancy