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David is one of the most talented persons I know in the Market Data community. Apart from being a renowned expert in the Financial Information industry, I appreciate his outstanding presentation skills: each of his presentations demonstrates his depth of understanding, his clarity and his teaching skills along with an entertaining charisma. His writing is matching his oral skills: I enjoy reading his reports and articles which exhibit through a very clear and fluid style excellent analytical skills. Finally, David is a very outgoing and nice person and I am always pleased to meet him.

I had the pleasure to work with David on a French market data business study; His vast knowledge of the subject and his clear view and analysis of the situation was a precious indicator to choose the right sales strategy for this market; He knows deeply what he is talking about but and is always willing to listen to peoples’ opinion! So, I hope to have the opportunity one day to collaborate again with him!

David is an excellent marketeer and trainer, with many years of practical experience of the financial services industry. He has a wide network of industry contacts and understands the data and technology issues facing the financial markets. He is an experienced consultant and when he has presented sessions for me on training courses they have always received excellent feedback.

David has a superb knowledge of the market data environment. He also has great business sense, and is able to bring the combination of both to the clients he supports. He is ideally suited to consult to financial technology suppliers, and also a great ambassador for the market data industry.

I have now known David for 20 years in the market data industry. David's appetite and enthusiasm for the industry is second to none! During all the years that I've dealt with David he has had his finger on the pulse and has drawn on his vast group of contacts to provide thoughtful insight. If there is one person to go to know what's going on it's David!

David has left one of the most enduring documents of all time at Reuters. We call it the "RMDS bible". His commercial framework for enterprise software is the basis for pricing all RMDS products.

I've known David since the early part of 2007 and I find him approachable, well connected and with a deep knowledge of the market data industry. He is adept at creating new ideas and his background means he is well positioned in finding ways to share and improve knowledge relating to market data.

I have sat on some panels with David and contributed to his reports. It is always a pleasure to work with such a personable and insightful author.

Because of his deep knowledge of the market data world and his intellectual curiosity, David is always at the top of my list when I want to "test drive" new ideas.

David's expertise in the field of market data, reference data and content suppliers is second to none. Over the past 7 or 8 years, David has been a trusted advisor to me and my business and we have collaborated on several occasions to produce industry analysis

David is very well connected in the Market Data sector of the Capital Markets Industry. He has great business acumen, ability to gather unrelated active and passive information and stitch together a coherent, value added picture. I have had the pleasure of doing business with him as the lead editor and contributor on behalf of the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) for our written submission to his annual publication. I would not hesitate to recommend him for someone looking for specialist expertise in the market data services sector.

I worked with David at Reuters and in the several years since he and I both left Reuters. I highly recommend David to any firm that wants to get something done in the market data business. In addition to having encyclopedic knowledge of the industry itself, David is perhaps the single best-networked individual in the world of market data. In social networking theory, he is what is known as a “chain closer,” someone who can almost always establish connections between two other people. David is also an excellent public speaker. In person, he is open-minded, gracious, and funny, all of which make him a pleasure to work with.

David is an excellent communicator, a caring consultant and a great human being. He is very ethical and knows his stuff. I highly recommend David.

David is extremely competent and professional in all endeavors. I can highly recommend him

I've worked with David a number of times when he was hired as an expert for several consulting projects for my firm as well as while he was responsible for authoring an industry report for another client. He is extremely knowledgeable about the online financial information markets and can provide valuable insight into cross-client and cross-industry trends. He is personable, easy to work with and works well across all levels of the organization. I would recommend him for future projects.

A gifted presenter who is able to communicate difficult and sometimes dry technical concepts in an interesting and competent way. He has a vast knowledge of the market data industry.

David is a v good marketing professional specialising in market data and market data technology. He did a valuable job for us related to positioning for a specific market data feed opportunity

I had the good fortune to work with David while he was at Reuters and at Atradia. He is a clear expert who demonstrates a deep understanding of market data and the issues the industry deals with. His positive and "can do" attitude along with his commitment and high work standards would be an asset on any project or engagement.

David was hired as a consultant to advise on market potential and opportunities in Southern Europe. His extensive industry and market knowledge was invaluable. David also had to work with a number of team leaders across borders and to extract the necessary information. The end report is a testament to his abilities and knowledge. I would most definitely hire David again

I have worked with David at the FISD and he is a bright and able person with broad understanding of the market data industry. I trust both his knowledge and integrity.

David has been commenting on the business of information for some time now. Unlike most analysts covering this area, David actually knows what he is talking about. David comes from the industry he comments on - and it shows in his insightful analysis.

David has excellent market data subject knowledge with a deep understanding of the issues facing the industry. Good communicator at all levels and all round a very professional and experienced 'pair of hands'. I would recommend David's work very highly.

David always found the time to help colleagues and was a great contributor to the team effort. We all had a great deal of fun, learned lots about technology and people and we have all retained the ethic that the customer's needs come first. David subsequently moved towards marketing and provided detailed support for the UK sales force. Having set up Atradia he has continued to deploy his marketing expertise with great success amongst a much wider audience.

David supported us to conduct a market research project in the market data industry. He has good knowledge and a broad network in this area of the financial industry. He helped a lot - even under great time pressure.

David has provided excellent consultations to our clients as to the topic of ongoing consolidation in the financial market data industry. Our clients are institutional investors who demand the highest standards from our consultant partners, so we recommend David's work without the slightest reservation. He is extremely knowledgeable about his industry and has been a pleasure to work with.

I have had the pleasure to work both with David at Reuters and have engaged his services also to deliver specific projects. He is articulate, professional and I have always found the quality of the output to be at a very high standard. I have used David for work in Enterprise Data Management and have worked extensively with him on real time market data. I would have no hesitation in recommending David.

David has an excellent understanding of the Financial Technologies space through many years of direct and indirect market data roles. David is a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and insightful.

Having known David for many years working with him at Reuters initially and subsequently keeping in close contact as a valued industry expert I have always found David to be professional, knowledgeable and open to sharing ideas. He has a broad and in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry from both the supplier and banking perspective, keeping abreast of industry developments and working to help encourage innovative ideas generation.

David worked with me to put on a very successful New York event marking the launch of a key product. David's reputation within the market data industry was used to great effect to help pull in a quality audience and a powerful and articulate panel, which he then proceeded to moderate with great professionalism and some wit. We would recommend David for his knowledge of the market data industry, his skill as a conference moderator and his effectiveness in helping us to organize this crucial event.

David has excellent commercial understanding of the market data business, both in terms of his work at Reuters and later as editor of the IMD Market Data survey, and has the project experience to prove it!

David combines two unique qualities: He is a great listener and he has a wealth of market data experience. He is one of the premier league players in his field

I have always valued working with David. He is knowledgeable, insightful and has a point of view.

David did a great job in helping my team at IBM coordinate an important launch event for our WebSphere Front Office product. His knowledge of the Financial Markets space was invaluable in helping us bring the right prospects together and his ability to organize a creative panel discussion helped assure that the event was a big success.

David is a pleasure to work with, and he delivers results as promised. He also is very experienced in the financial information markets, and is a great resource from which to draw on deep domain expertise.

David is knowledgeable, reliable and has provided excellent work for IMD Reference for a number of years. David executes his assignments with the utmost professionalism and delivers like clockwork.

David is very knowledgeable on the topics of Market Data and Trading Systems and is a very organised and thorough consultant with a very broad range of contacts and knowledge. He is also a good writer and a very experienced Moderator of, and participant in, conferences.

David and I came into contact initially in the sales environment and we kept in contact whilst he took on other responsibilities within the Reuters Group in a more technical and marketing capacity. David was always willing to provide support when required and personally we have kept in touch over the years.

I have worked with David Anderson on a number of occasions over a long period both as a colleague and at separate companies, and find that his perspective of the Financial Markets and product knowledge covers a broad field and offers expertise in a number of key areas on technology, trading room systems, feeds, market data and the broader financial markets. As a consultant I have always found his work to be interesting, insightful and with a high degree of professionalism.

I found David very easy to work with and was pleased by the detail and quality of the results he provided.

I have worked with David in varying circumstances for many years now. His in depth knowledge of the Market Data arena and his flexible helpful attitude make him a valuable resource to have at ones disposal.

I've worked with David both at Reuters and in his role as editor of IMD Reference. David has a strong background in the market data distribution arena. He's very professional and thorough.

David tackles assignments with deep knowledge and excellent sources which he has built up over many years. He produces work which accurately reflects the objectives set out.

David is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the Market Data arena and his publication IMD Reference is perhaps the most comprehensive tool used for obtaining MDS product information.

David is an exceptionally knowledgeable professional with deep expertise in market data and the concepts that govern its usage. I highly recommend David to anyone seeking to engage his services

David worked with Stentra during a client product launch that required attention to detail and ability to drive the process along - both of which he did with initiative and skill.

David helped us to understand some of the more subtle and complex elements of how market data was charged for at that time. His knowledge was deep, he understood what we were looking for, his articulation fluid and he proved very flexible regarding the scope of the project.

David has a deep knowledge of the financial services industry and data management in particular. His consulting expertise is always valuable and his coverage is accurate and well researched.

David is a great consultant in the area of marketing and marketing communications.

David is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the financial data market and has provided excellent insight and analysis for all the projects I have worked with him on.

With short notice David was able to pull together for us a comprehensive strategy report on certain aspects of the market data industry. Subsequently he clearly presented this to our management team during an offsite meeting. We appreciated his efforts.

David is an exceptionally knowledgeable professional with deep expertise in his subject matter. In addition, he was a genuine pleasure to work with a personable, pragmatic approach to projects. I recommend his services without hesitation.

Having worked with David over the last 10 years, I can say he keeps his eye on the goal and does not let obstacles stand in his way. He does this while maintaining a rational and professional attitude!

David has subject matter knowledge of every aspect of the Market Data business ranging from technology through to business processes and procedures. I highly recommend David to anyone seeking to engage his services.

David is extremely knowledgeable on the complex topic of market data and its relevance in the ever-changing financial markets. He combines this domain expertise with strong operational experience gained in a number of senior sales and marketing roles. This combination allied to his strong communication and inter-personnel skills gives him a relatively unique one-stop shop USP in the marketplace.

During our time at Reuters, David has always been a reliable source of marketing knowledge to me and I did benefit greatly from his advice. The in depth understanding of all aspects of market data combined with strong technical skills have been a solid foundation for creative and customer focused solutions.

I have found David to be very knowledgeable and dependable on the Market Data industry. He is a very personable and well connected individual in this industry. This has been very useful quality in helping to market our products and services to the industry.

Knows the market data industry and the people in it very well; also a good presenter and facilitator.

David is a capable business manger and consultant and added an analytical insight into Thomson Financial business.

David; is an excellent Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Market Data with deep and insightful knowledge. He is also an excellent moderator and someone who provides interesting commentary on the industry and its drivers.

David knows his subject intimately and is extremely well connected. His work is always thorough, and he goes out of his way to meet, and exceed, the brief. He's done several pieces of work for me at Gissing, and I will continue to use his services in the future.

David's insight into the market data industry, particularly topics that concern day to day trading issues, is considerable. If an expert opinion is sought, business colleagues often cite David as that expert. Market data discussions with David are always fruitful.

I have known David since he worked at Reuters as their third party programme manager and I was at ACT. Since then our paths have crossed frequently, most recently when he was providing consultancy services to Thomson Financial and also at various industry events. During that tine, what was initially a business relationship has become more of a friendship. He is very personable and trustworthy. He is very capable and is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of the financial information market. He is also a very skilful and entertaining speaker and moderator.

I worked closely with David for a number of years at Reuters where he was initially a fellow sales executive then moved into a senior position in Marketing. David was always the more cerebral of our sales people and it was no surprise when he moved across into Marketing. I know he is highly capable as a businessman and marketeer but we have remained good friends ever since for a far more important reason - he is thoughtful and thoroughly trustworthy, traits at least as important as his skills!

I worked with David at Reuters on a number of client projects and found him to be a highly skilled and competent marketing professional. I highly recommend David.