• Research & Analysis

    Whether it is understanding your customers, your competitors or yourselves – better understanding of your situation is the key to success. If you don’t know where you are today, how can you clearly identify where you want to be tomorrow. Atradia’s comprehensive range of research services aims to give you meaningful, understandable and wherever possible quantifiable insight into your markets. We will always look at the results of any research with a critical eye – asking the vital “so what?” question, i.e. is the data something you can act on?

  • Strategic Consultancy

    In our view Strategy is all about the big picture. We do not position ourselves as generic management consultants and therefore do not pitch for large scale corporate strategy projects. However, we have been extremely effective in reviewing and auditing clients’ strategies in terms of interrogating the data any strategies are based upon and testing the underlying logic. Our feedback in such engagements is always objective and above all entirely, and if necessary even brutally, honest.

  • Tactical Marketing

    Tactics are the things that need to be done to implement a big picture strategy, they are the nuts and bolts of any operational projects and programs. Atradia has extensive and robust experience in this very practical dimension of marketing; we can help clients with the development and packaging of their products/services, we can guide and assist in the building of an effective pricing model and we can work extensively with our clients to communicate all of this successfully to their chosen target customers.

  • Sales/Representation Services

    Marketing in its broadest sense includes direct selling, in the typical B2B high unit value environment that our clients operate in “direct selling” is arguably the most critical communications tool. Where one of our clients does not have the capacity to implement direct sales contact with prospective customers we can provide a “representative” service. Typically this requirement arises because of geographic and/or logistical limitations; e.g. a client in New York or Hong Kong might want to make direct sales contact with prospects in Europe.

  • Procurement

    Procuring the optimal products and services for an organisation at the best price and under the right terms and conditions involves a complex mesh of interwoven issues. Cheap is not always cheerful and a premium price does not necessarily equate to a premium product. Price in itself is an elusive concept – Oscar Wilde was getting close to the nub of this issue when he said that “a cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”. More modern concepts include a much greater recognition of the total cost of ownership (TCO). Atradia and its diverse band of associates can provide anything you from occasional help and advice right through to on the ground long term contracted staff.

  • Education & Training

    Skills and knowledge are the bedrock of best practice in any industry; within the esoteric and convoluted world of market data and financial IT that premise has an even greater resonance. As employers there are great benefits to be had from investing in your people, as individuals we can gain enormously if we choose to invest time, effort and probably a little hard earned cash in our own self improvement. Atradia has extensive experience in, and understanding of, this sector and we offer a range of professional services to help our clients and their staff in their quest for greater knowledge and improved skills.